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Jorge-Luis Borges

Born in Buenos Aires in 1899, Jorge-Luis Borges was not only the most influential Argentine author of his age, but the most celebrated man of letters in the Spanish- speaking world. A titan in so many ways, Borges tapped into modes of thinking drawn from the much-loved Thousand and One Nights. Even though his eyesight failed, Borges continued to produce work on a monumental scale. Engaging the reader on many levels, his short stories turn the world on its head, and call into question everything we think we know. Borges was known to be an admirer of Idries Shah’s work, and Shah an admirer of his.

Labyrinths by Jorge-Luis Borges
The Aleph and Other Stories 1933-1969 by Jorge Luis Borges
The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges